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🥑🌰 Healthy Fats: Not Just Tasty, But Essential! 🏋️‍♂️🍳

 Healthy Fats: Not Just Tasty, But Essential!

Hey team, Coach Lou here! Today's topic: why healthy fats are crucial in your diet and how they can help you in your fitness journey.

Why Fats?

Great for muscle repair.

Keep you full.

Important for overall health.

How Much?

Around 20% of your daily calories.

Good Sources:

Plants: Avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil.

Seafood: Fatty fish like salmon.

Meats: Grass-fed beef, lamb.

Dairy: Full-fat products.

Cooking: Coconut oil, grass-fed butter.

Balancing Your Diet:

Mix animal and plant sources.

Let's Work Together:

Want to get your diet and fitness right? I'm here to help.  for personal training and nutrition advice.

Share Your Thoughts:

What's your go-to healthy fat?

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